How To Block Websites On Google Chrome

Block Websites On Google Chrome

There can be many reasons which let’s you to block a website. There might be scenario where you want to prevent your children from accessing prohibited sites or when you want to have a better focus on work and don’t want to let those distracting sites drive you away along them. Now you might want to get rid of this distraction. Whatever be the reasons, there are several ways to prevent undesirable websites from showing up. But then the main question is HOW?

After many searches we came to know that Google Chrome lacks a built-in feature that allows you to block specific websites. But the you need not to worry more about that as our keen developers are working very hard to let our all desires to get fulfill. Whatever your reason may be for blocking a website, you can just block it by adding an Extension to chrome. Today at iGizmoGuy, we will see How To Block Websites On Google Chrome.

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How To Block Websites On Google Chrome:

Step 1: Tap on 3 vertical line located at top right corner and hit on Settings.

Block Websites On Google Chrome

Step 2: Now tap on Extensions->Get more extensions.

Step 3: On the Chrome Web store, search for BLOCK SITE. Make sure you also select EXTENSIONS.

Block Websites On Google Chrome


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Step 4: Finally click on ADD TO CHROME->Add Extensions.

Block Websites On Google Chrome

Voila! you are all set to Block Websites On Google Chrome.

Whenever you want to block any website just simply land to that particular website and double click anywhere and tap on Block site-> Add current site to blacklist. You’ll notice that the particular site gets blocked.

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