How To Change Mac Address In Windows 10

Change Mac Address In Windows 10

Before proceeding towards the article first let’s understand, What MAC Address is? Specifically it is a 48 bit hardware no which is printed on NIC(Network Interface Card) which is further located inside the ROM. So as long as you have same NIC, you’ll going to remain with same MAC address. Although MAC address is an unique address located inside the ROM but still it is not considered as the logical address instead it is termed as Physical address.

Now there may arouse a possibility in someone’s mind to change the MAC address, but then there is no way out to change the MAC address of your network card. However, you can fool your operating system to broadcast a different MAC address to the network, effectively changing it. So today at iGizmoGuy, we will see the tutorial which will let you know How To Change Mac Address In Windows 10.

How To Change Mac Address In Windows 10:

Step 1: First and foremost, Technitium MAC Address Changer must be installed on your device.

Step 2: After successful installation, launch the application. On the succeeding screen you’ll encounter with several Network Adapters.

Change Mac Address In Windows 10

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Step 3: Select the network adapter you want to change and in the Change MAC address section enter a new MAC address. Remember MAC Address always represented in hexadecimal value. You can also just click Random MAC Address button which helps in generating a random MAC address.

Change Mac Address In Windows 10

Step 4: Now at last tap on Change Now button which will change the mac address with in seconds.

Change Mac Address In Windows 10

Step 5: You can also restore your default MAC address just by clicking the Restore Original button.

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Voila! You have successfully Changed the Mac Address In your Windows 10.

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