How To Clear WhatsApp Cache On iPhone

How To Clear WhatsApp Cache On iPhone

In today’s generation amongst the youth having an iPhone is a glorious thing. But sometimes having an iPhone of 16 GB version becomes an unfortunate thing. Why unfortunate? As we have to sort all our needs within that limited memory which most of the times become impossible to do so. Now a days apps size is increasing exponentially. Most of the time we have to delete our existing app to get one new big app because of memory issues. Actually this need not to be done as most of the memory is occupied by the cache. Actually what happens is we regularly transfer our older images to PC, clean up the browser cache, delete all the whatsApp media so that we could empty some memory and use it in future.

We do all the things which are under our control to save memory. Inspite of all this we are running with shortage of memory. Why so? The reason is iPhone’s ecosystem doesn’t allows us to clear the user app cache which in turn takes lots of space. I am a passionate WhatsApp user. Inspite of 68 MB in size it uses extra 412 MB on my phone. This would probably be the whatsApp media, chats etc. Now if i can clear this WhatsApp cache, i can have this 412 MB free space. To help you make most out of available space, today at iGizmoGuy, I am here with How To Clear WhatsApp Cache On iPhone :

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Pre-Requisite Before you Clear WhatsApp Cache On iPhone :

  1. If you have some important chats then please first backup up all your chats.

How To BackUp WhatsApp Chats :

  • Launch WhatsApp. Head Over to Settings->Chats->Chat Backup->Back Up Now.

How To Clear WhatsApp Cache On iPhone :

Step 1 : In order to clear WhatsApp chat, Head over to Settings->General->Storage & iCloud Usage->Manage Storage and tap on WhatsApp.

Step 2 : Now note the digits on the right hand side of “Documents & Data”. This amount of WhatsApp cache is stored on your phone.

How To Clear WhatsApp Cache On iPhone

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Step 3 : Now to clear the cache, hit on Delete App. Don’t worry. We are deleting it temporarily so that we can free up the cache memory.

How To Clear WhatsApp Cache On iPhone

Step 4 : Now you can download WhatsApp again and run it with your registered no and can get back your chats from chat backup.

Step 5Follow Step 1 and Step 2 again, you’ll be perplexed to see how much storage this trick has freed up for you.

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