How To Click Live Photos On Android

How To Click Live Photos On Android

iPhone has introduced the new era of photos i.e Live Photos in its new series 6s/6s Plus and SE. It captures the movement of 3 sec, 1.5 sec of movement before the photo is captured and 1.5 sec after the photo is captured. As an android user, I was always eager to know How To Click Live Photos On Android as in iPhone clicking live shots is implicit functionality, but in android it is not so.

So you may think that if it is not intrinsic functionality than how we can click live photos on android? But then you don’t have to worry more about it as google itself introduces the tweaks to implement those functionality which are not implicit in it by introducing third party app. Now today at iGizmoGuy i shall be telling you about How To Get iPhone Like Live Photos On Android. You just need to focus and follow the steps.

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Pre-requisite Before You Click Live Photos On Android

  1. Android should be running on 4.3 or later version.
  2. Camera MX must be installed on your device.

How To Click Live Photos On Android :

Step 1 : Done with the installation of Camera MX app on your device. If yes, open Camera MX.
Step 2 : Click on Live icon at upper left side. A pop up will appear, hit ok.

Step 3 : Now capture photo, and tap gallery on bottom right side.

How To Click Live Photos On Android

Step 4 : Live icon will appear on the photos which are actually the Live shots. If you want to see your live shots then select any of them, and long press the screen and hold it.

How To Click Live Photos On Android

viola! You have clicked your first Live photo on android.

Followed the steps as mentioned, then you are set to Click Live Photos On Android.

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