How To Create Ringtone In iTunes

How To Create Ringtone In iTunes

Hello folks! Today I want to drag your close attention to the scenario where I found that android has an upper hand over iOS. There is something where an iOS device is lacking off. Yes you guessed it right, I am talking about creating a custom ringtone. you might be thinking that this would be a easy job, but then this is something difficult task to do. One might want to set his/her ringtone which they want without spending any penny. Earlier the only way to create custom ringtone for iOS devices was by using paid softwares, as there were no third party apps to do so.

Moreover people today are still buying softwares from the market which let them to create the ringtone of a song which they want. Now the main question arises that what if people don’t want to spend their penny for creating ringtones? How to create custom ringtones for iPhone for free? After many searches, i found the way through which we can create ringtones in iTunes itself. Now no need to buy any softwares and to search for any third party app. Today at iGizmoGuy, we shall see the tutorial How To Create Ringtone In iTunes.

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How To Create Ringtone In iTunes :

Step 1 : First, open iTunes on your computer and select the song of which you want to make ringtone.

Step 2 : Now right click on the song and tap on Get Info.

How To Create Ringtone In iTunes

Step 3 : On the succeeding screen, hit on Options, and set Start and Stop time(less than 30 sec). Finally click on Ok.(Please refer to gallery below)

Step 4 : Click the song again -> Select File on the top of menu bar -> Scroll down to Convert -> Create AAC Version.

How To Create Ringtone In iTunes

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Step 5 : Find out the duplicate track of the song in iTunes and right-click on it -> Click show in Finder and find out the track name with m4a extension > Change m4a in to m4r format and click Use .m4r.(Please refer to gallery below)

Step 6 : Now delete the AAC version of song, a popup will appear tap on Keep File.

How To Create Ringtone In iTunes

Step 7 : Again go to Finder and double click on your ringtone file(.m4r), the ringtone will show up in the Tone section of iTunes Library.(Please refer to gallery below)

At Last, you can transfer your created ringtone to your iPhone by syncing it with iTunes. However, it may erase your own previous ringtones. If you want to transfer ringtone to your iPhone without any data loss, then you can refer How To Transfer Selected Songs To iPhone.

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