How to Delete Duplicate Files On Windows

How To Delete Duplicate Files On Windows

Sometimes managing too many files on desktop becomes the reason of big chaos. These may include original files, duplicate files or the files which are now no use of us. But then, it is also an old saying that we should keep atleast one duplicate of every file for the sake of security. There is actually no harm in keeping duplicate files within the desktop only if you know how to manage it properly without creating mess . Inspite of all these, there are people like me who doesn’t want any duplicate files to exist in the desktop, as we don’t know how to manage it ends up with deleting all files in frustation.

Now the main question arises that if you want to delete all duplicate files from desktop, how will you do that? Obviously you are not going to search one by one all the files and then delete them as it will take hell out of time. Keeping in mind about today’s technology, everyone wants their work to be done in minimal time. So today at iGizmoGuy, we are here to let you know how you can Delete Duplicate Files On Windows. Just take a look.

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How to Delete Duplicate Files On Windows :

Step 1 : Double killer app must be installed on your system.

Step 2 : After installation, launch the app.

Step 3 : Click on Run. A popup will appear conveying choosing a folder. Tap on Yes.

Step 4 : After choosing a desired folder, hit on Run button.

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Step 5 : Now all the duplicate files will get appear on the screen, check the files which you want to delete. If you want to delete all duplicate files, tap on check all files.

How To Delete Duplicate Files On Windows

Once you have choosed the files which you want to delete, click on delete checked files.

How To Delete Duplicate Files On Windows

Note : Once you delete the files, the files will be deleted permanently from the memory. It will not go to recycle bin.

By following these steps you can easily Delete Duplicate Files On Windows. In case of any queries or issues, follow our comment section provided below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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