How To Download Apps From US App Store

Download Apps From US App Store

Being an avid iOS user, everyone wants that they must get same priorities as US users. You must be thinking that why i am talking about priorities? Sometimes what happens, user wants to drive an app which is only applicable for US users. Now at that situation inspite of having an iOS they feel useless as they can’t use those app what they wish off just because they are not from US.

Now what to do? How to use these type of apps? Now those days are gone when people used to wait for the apps to come in their own region’s app store. Today at iGizmoGuy, we are here to let you know about the fact that inspite of being from another region you can still Download Apps From US App Store. Just take a look.

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How To Download Apps From US App Store :

Step 1 : Click on to the link, this will take you to the page where you can make your new Apple Id.

Step 2 : After reaching the destination, tap on Create your Apple ID.

Download Apps From US App Store

Step 3 : Now you have to fill the essentials and at last click on Continue. One thing you have to take of that enter your Email ID which you haven’t used yet with App Store account.

Download Apps From US App Store

Note : Select your region/country as United States.

Step 4 : Once you fill the essentials, verify the E-mail address by matching the code which is sent to your given E-mail id.

Download Apps From US App StoreStep 5 : Your new Apple ID is created. Now head over to your iOS, sign out your current Apple ID account by tapping on Settings->iTunes & App Store->Apple ID->Sign Out.

Step 6 : Click on Sign In, enter your E-mail Id and Password which you have newly created.

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Step 7 : Now you will encounter with a pop-up, hit on Review.

Download Apps From US App Store

Step 8 : Now Account page will get open. By default it will be checked in to United States as a country/Region. If it’s not then you manually checked in to United States and tap on Next. On the succeeding page Tap on Agree, for accepting Terms and Condition.

Step 9 : Now you will land on BILLING INFORMATION page, hit one None. So this method also helps you to create your Apple ID without entering your credit card information. After that fill the other information which are required and hit on Next Button.


Note : Fill any dummy address, phone number of united states. You can google it and get it from there.

Viola! you can successfully Download Apps From US App Store easily.

Download Apps From US App Store

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