How To Lock Particular Files On iPhone

How To Lock Particular Files On iPhone

Unlike android, it is not an easy task to hide your particular files on iPhone until it is not jail broken. It is quite obvious these days that you may need to hide your secret files from others like bank account details, particular pictures with your partner and many more. But then for that purpose you can’t hide that specific file on iPhone, so with no choice remaining you forcefully have to lock the entire folder for that.

Now what if I say that it is a possible task to Lock Your Particular Files On iPhone. Yes you heard it right, with the improvisation of technology, our keen developers are doing their best to fulfil the demands of their esteemed users. Now I can feel free to handover my phone to anyone with a relief that my personal files won’t get driven away. Now I should stop blabbering and move on to the main content How to Passcode Lock Your Specific Files On iPhone.

Note : KeepSafe application must be installed on your phone.

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How To Lock Particular Files On iPhone :

Step 1 : Once installation is done, launch the app.

Step 2 : Now you will encounter with two buttons, I’M A NEW USER and  LOG IN. Tap on first button if you are using this app first time, else if you have accessed this app previously, then just login to your account.

How To Lock Particular Files On iPhone

For showing the tutorial, I am proceeding with New User category.

Step 3 : On the next screen, they will ask you to create a PIN. Generate it according to your wish.

How To Lock Particular Files On iPhone

Step 4 : Once you have generated the pin, you were asked to enter an email address for security purpose. Enter an email address and hit on FINISH button.

How To Lock Particular Files On iPhone

Step 5 : Now you’ll enter the home screen of application. Put the files you want to hide in respective folders.

How To Lock Particular Files On iPhone
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Step 6 : For an instance, if I have to hide my private snaps then head over to Main Album->”+” button->Add Photos.

Step 7 : select the photo you want to hide and click on import button. Now you’ll see that your selected photos came into Main Album.

How To Lock Particular Files On iPhone

Now if you want to lock album also, then click on respective album, tap on three dot present on right most side of the screen.

Now on the succeeding screen you will find an option Album Lock, click it and hit on Lock this album.

Now you’ll ask to generate the password, generate it and lock the album.

How To Lock Particular Files On iPhone

Viola ! You are all set to Lock Your Particular File On iPhone.
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