How To Merge Duplicate Contacts On iPhone

How To Merge Duplicate Contacts On iPhone

As we know iCloud is doing a pretty good job in organising and managing our contacts, but then sometimes things can go wrong. Even if you don’t use iCloud, contact management is far from perfect. Yes you guessed it right. I am talking about duplicate contacts, it often happens the we get duplicate contacts in our phone’s contact list and sometime it becomes the matter of great chaos. Now the main thing is how to get rid of it. There are actually 3 ways by which we can sort this problem.

First you can go for manual method to delete/Merge all your duplicate contacts, but if you have many duplicate contacts then deleting/merging them manually is not worth your precious time, so it is not a good option to go for. Second option is you can go for paid softwares available in market or use an iPhone app to delete/merge duplicate contacts. Now we are going to discuss this third option in this post. So, today at iGizmoGuy, we shall see the tutorial How To Merge Duplicate Contacts On iPhone.

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How To Merge Duplicate Contacts On iPhone :

Step 1 : Smart Merge must be installed on your device.

Step 2 : After successful installation, launch the app.

Step 3 : Now sign up with any of your contact. After successful sign up, on the succeeding page tap on Access Contacts, a pop-up will appear, hit OK.

Step 4 : Succeeding page will let you to backup all your contacts in a safe place. If you want to backup your contacts, click on Backup else go for Skip option at top right corner.

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Step 5 : On the next page you can see all your duplicate contacts by taping on Duplicate Contacts.

Step 6 : Click on Merge, to merge all your duplicate contacts.

How To Merge Duplicate Contacts On iPhone

Note : This app is limited to 10 free merges i.e you can merge duplicate contacts 10 times using this app.

Step 7 : Finally you’ll see that you have merged all your duplicate contacts and now you have 0(Zero) Redundancy.

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