How To Play MTS Files On iPhone

How To Play mts Files On iPhone

Ever tried moving .mts/AVCHD video file from your PC to iPhone? If yes, you must be welcomed with an onscreen prompt on your iPhone conveying “Sorry, this type of video cannot be saved to this device”. This is quite annoying, Isn’t it? AVCHD videos are generally generated while shooting a video from point shoot cameras or DSLR and moving it to iPhone is a tedious job.

In order to Play MTS Files On iPhone, you can either convert it to desired format or install a suitable video app which can easily run MTS file on iPhone. For the sake of simplicity I am showing both the ways, it’s upto you to chose best among them. But in the end, you’ll be all set to convert and import MTS files to iPhone.

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How To Convert MTS File On iPhone – Method 1 :

Step 1 : There are number of paid apps available over the web which can convert MTS files for you, but we’ll use the free and a sturdy program which can easily convert MTS file on iPhone.

Download HandBrake video transcoder on your Windows/Mac/Linux system.

Step 2 : Once HandBrake installation is done, open the app and it’ll ask for the source MTS file which you want to convert.

How To Play MTS Files On iPhone

Step 3 : Select the destination location of the transcoded video and chose the format you want to convert MTS file to.

How To Play MTS Files On iPhone

Step 4 : Tap on start and within few seconds you can convert MTS to mp4 for transferring it to iPhone.

How To Play MTS Files On iPhone

Step 5 : Now transfer the converted mp4 file via iTunes to iPhone the same way you are used to. This way you can easily run MTS files on iPhone.

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How To Play MTS Files On iPhone – Method 2 :

Step 1 : First and foremost step is to install PlayerXtreme Media Player on your iPhone. This app is free and can easily play MTS file on iPhone.

Step 2 : Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac via lightning cable. In iTunes, tap on Apps.

How To Play MTS Files On iPhone

Step 3 : Now, scroll down to File Sharing section and select PlayerXtreme. Tap on Add and select the MTS file you want to run on iPhone.

How To Play MTS Files On iPhone

Step 4 : Once your MTS file is added, eject your iPhone.

How To Play MTS Files On iPhone

Step 5 : Open PlayerXtreme app on your iPhone and you’ll see the added MTS file right there. Tap on it and enjoy your recorded movie on iPhone.

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Do let us know which method worked best for you. In case of any queries or issues, follow our comment section provided below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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