How To Record Calls On iPhone For Free


I still remember the times when there’s an urgent need of recording an ongoing call but to my dismay it ends up reminding me, there’s no such feature on iPhone. How many times you too have stuck in this situation? I guess many, no? Though there are plethora of apps on App Store which will let you to record calls on iPhone but unfortunately just like everything else, they too comes with a price. I agree developers work day and night to create such apps and there’s no point selling them for free, but atleast there should be adequate amount of free recording minutes so that the working of app can be tested before buying.

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Now, today at iGizmoGuy, I am introducing you with a nifty iPhone call recorder which is obviously not free, but comes with 30 minutes of free recording time before you make up your mind to purchase it or not. Anyways, 30 minutes is not a short duration considering it’s absolutely free. So, lets see how you can easily Record Calls On iPhone without paying a dime (atleast for those good 30 minutes) :

How To Record Calls On iPhone For Free :

Step 1 : The first and the foremost step is to head over to App Store and install NoNotes iPhone Call recorder app on your iPhone.

For those who are new to iOs ecosystem, head over to App Store and search for NoNotes. Out of the two options, select the latter one i.e. Call Recording by NoNotes. Finally, tap on Get.

Step 2 : Now you have downloaded this iPhone call recorder, launch the application and for the first and last time you have to register for the account.

How To Record Calls On iPhone For Free

Step 3 : Once the registration procedure is done, you’ll be redirected to the main screen of the app. Whether you want to record an active call or the new call, everything is at your fingertips. For the sake of simplicity I am selecting Record My Call.

How To Record Calls On iPhone For Free

Step 4 : Next, dial a number or select from Contacts. Once the call is made, you’ll be perplexed to see that recording will too commence automatically.

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Step 5 : Done with your call? Want to listen the recorded call? If yes, once again head over app main screen and select My Calls from the bottom left corner of the screen.

How To Record Calls On iPhone For Free

That’s it! This is how you can easily Record Calls On iPhone with free and effective iPhone call recorder. In case of any queries or if you have any better app than this, don’t forget to comment down below and I’ll get back to you asap.

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