How To Spy On iPhone Without Jailbreak

How To Spy On iPhone Without Jailbreak

iOs is considered to be the most secure mobile operating system only until someone’s Apple ID and Password are kept intact with them. Do you have someone’s iCloud credentials? Want to spy on someone’s iPhone with Apple ID and password? If yes, then just be with me for next 5-7 minutes and you’ll definitely end up learning how to easily spy on iPhone without installing software.

In this ever changing world of technology we all have an urge to see what someone is doing on his iPhone, with whom he is talking on iMessage, what he’s upto on WhatsApp and many such things which barge the other person’s privacy. Though it’s not a good thing to spy on someone, but when you are stuck in a situation where your teen is spending most of the time on his phone, your partner is indulged with someone and you want to know the truth, it’s absolutely fine to track their activities.

Let me narrate you a real life incident where my cousin’s son was caught doing inappropriate things on his iPad. He was spending most of his time on iPad and whenever enquired about his activity, he always had an answer like “I am completing my project work”, “there’s a new show on Netflix, I am just streaming it” and what not. One day my friend tried to spy on his iPad with Apple ID and password and what he saw was bizarre for an 11 year old kid. His web history was filled with tons of explicit websites, his WhatsApp chat history showed how influenced he was with certain militant group. Luckily he was tracked at right time and now my cousin is taking responsible steps to bring him back on track.

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In case you are too not sure what your child is upto and with whom your partner gets along with all the time, then monitoring their iOs device is the best thing you can do save your souring relationship. Today I’ll show you the best iOs monitoring app and how you can spy on iPhone without Jailbreak :

Pre-requisite Before You Spy On iPhone Without Jailbreak

-> Target device could be any iOs device like iPhone, iPad or iPod.

-> You need iCloud credentials of target iOs device.

-> In order to spy on iPhone without installing software, you need an excellent monitoring app which can spy on iOs device without getting installed (obviously Apple and password is required). I would suggest you to go for either mSpy for smartphone or SpyStealth. Both the iPhone monitoring software are known for their exclusive feature to spy on iPhone without access to target phone and that too in stealth mode.

Get mSpy   Get SpyStealth


How To Spy On iPhone Without Installing Software :

I hope you have already subscribed to the license of mSpy or SpyStealth. If yes, please proceed further to Step 1 and if no, I would suggest you to go with any of the above mentioned iPhone monitoring app to unveil the truth.

For demonstration purpose I am using mSpy. You can use any of them.

Step 1 : Follow the welcome mail you must have received just after subscribing to mSpy. Welcome mail looks exactly like this.

How To Spy On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Step 2 : Now login to your mSpy cPanel and after successful login you’ll see the Welcome page. From here, tap on Set up new device and select Set up new phone.

How To Spy On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Step 3 : mSpy will ask you for the platform you wish to Spy on. For our case, select iPhone (Without Jailbreak) and tap on Proceed.

How To Spy On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Step 4 : Ready with Apple ID and password of target iPhone? Enter the iCloud credentials in given screen and finally tap on Proceed.

How To Spy On iPhone Without Jailbreak


Step 5 : As soon as you are done, mSpy iPhone monitoring software will show you the target device information just for verification purpose. After selecting it, tap on Proceed.

How To Spy On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Step 6 : Your work is done now, just wait for some time and let mSpy fetch all the Chat history, Call logs, Notes and Contacts from target iPhone. Depending on the size of data to be extracted, mSpy will take some time to show you the entire details, Till then sit back, relax and sip in your green tea.

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I want to Spy On iPhone With Apple ID and Password, but I have some questions :

Ques 1 : Is it legal to Spy on someone’s iPhone Without Jailbreak?

Ans : In case the person you want to spy on is under your custody, it’s completely legal to spy on him/her. But if you want to spy on your partner, in some countries it is not legal. Please refer your countries law before proceeding further.

Ques 2 : Will the target ever get to know that he’s being spied on?

Ans : Not at all. Both mSpy and SpyStealth works in stealth mode and target will never get to know he’s being monitored.

Ques 3 : Do I need access to target iPhone in order to spy upon him?

Ans : Absolutely not, you are going to spy on iPhone without target phone.


This is how a good iPhone monitoring software will work and help you to spy on iPhone without Jailbreak. In case of any query, don’t hesitate to comment down below. I’ll get back to you asap.

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