How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone

WhatsApp has genuinely revolutionised the way of communication since it’s launch. From Live chats to VoIP calls and from Media Sharing to Group Chat, WhatsApp has everything under it’s hood. With 44% of the market share and despite of being 5 years in the market, frequent updates and eye soothing UI have not let WhatsApp’s competitors to take over the market for a single year.

Reportedly, we all collectively share 42 billion messages per day, 1.6 billion photos daily, along with 250 million videos. Whoo, extraordinary figures! But are you sure your Kids are using it appropriately or your partner is not indulge with someone else over WhatsApp? There’s no scope to know the truth until and unless we see their phone and guess what, they won’t allow you to touch it. Isn’t it?

So, to help you out, today we are here with How To Spy WhatsApp Without Touching Target Phone :

The complete guide is for educational purpose, we don’t promote spying on someone’s WhatsApp without their consent in any way. However, you have right to know the truth and this is the best way you can save your souring relationship.

Scroll Down If You Want To Spy WhatsApp On Android Without Touching their Phone.

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone – If Target Is iPhone User :

Step 1 : In order to Remotely Spy WhatsApp Messages of iPhone user, there’s not much you have to do. Things are quite simple and will take your 5-10 minutes only. Don’t worry, you can easily Spy on WhatsApp Without Access To Target Phone.

  • First and foremost thing is, get a good Spy app like mSpy for Smartphone or SpySpealth which will let you to See Someone’s WhatsApp Chat History even without Jailbreaking the iPhone.

Get mSpy For Smartphones   Get SpyStealth

  • Next, make sure you have Apple ID credentials of target iPhone.

If both the requirements are met, just sit back and relax as you are good to Spy WhatsApp Messages Online.

Step 2 : As soon as you get working version of mSpy or SpyStealth, follow the mail you have received while registering for any of the above spy app. Welcome mail looks like what is shown below :

(For Demonstration purpose I am using mSpy, but you can use either of them)

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone

Step 3 : It is a best time to enter your mSpy cPanel, just login with your credentials and follow the setup procedure. Don’t worry, you are going to spy WhatsApp without installing on target device.

Tap on Set up a new device-> Set up a new phone.

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone

Step 4 : As we are going to monitor WhatsApp messages without target phone, select iPhone (without Jailbreak) and tap on Proceed.

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone

Step 5 : I hope you are ready with Apple ID credential of target iPhone. It’s not that difficult to get the iCloud credentials, neither from your kids, nor from your Partner.

Fill up the the login credentials, tap on Verify and then Proceed.

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone

Step 6 : High five, you are almost done with the set up procedure. Your job is done, now you just have to wait for few hours, till then mSpy will fetch all the WhatsApp messages of target iPhone to your cPanel. This is how you can easily Spy WhatsApp From PC or any other mobile device which is having a browser to open mSpy cPanel.

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone

WhatsApp Spy No Target Phone – If Target Is Android User

To be very frank, WhatsApp spy on Android is not at all easy as compared to WhatsApp spy on iPhone without target phone. Rather, it is a dicy process and depends on how easily you can spoof your target.

Step 1 : Before you proceed, make sure you have a good editable Spy app like FlexiSpy or SpyStealth. Both the spy apps are highly professional and are quite easy to work with for spoofing target Android user.

Get FlexiSpy       Get SpyStealth

(For demonstration purpose I am using FlexiSpy. You are free to use any of them)

  • You’ll also need a Windows PC.
  • Install Java Runtime Environment & APK Icon and Name Changer on your Windows PC.
  • Most important thing is, you must be in talking terms with the target. Not only this, there should be little trust left in your relation and he or she should abide by your request.

Step 2 : Got your hands on working License of FlexiSpy or SpyStealth? If yes, follow the welcome mail you have received while registering, welcome mail looks like what is shown below :

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone

Step 3 : FlexiSpy, as the name suggests is going to spy. Why would anyone ever wants to install it on their Android. In order to install spyware remotely on Android, we’ll change the name and icon of FlexiSpy apk.

By default, FlexiSpy apk name is System Update. In subsequent steps, we’ll change the name of FlexiSpy apk from System Update to Fitness Tracking.

Step 4 : Head over to Google Image search and search for image related to Fitness or Fitness tracking. For your convenience I am adding the following image, you can use this one.

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target PhoneStep 5 : Now, launch APK Icon & Name Changer app on your PC. Drag and drop FlexiSpy apk and above downloaded image to APK Icon & Name Changer app.

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone

Step 6 : Switch the mode to APK Tool mode and tap on properties.

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone

Step 7 : Next you have to change the FlexiSpy apk name to Fitness Tracking or anything related to Fitness. In this health conscious world, Fitness apps have a good market share and leads to most number of downloads.

How To Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone

Step 8 : Now you are done with changing the name and icon of FlexiSpy apk. You have to Send this manipulated app to target over email and just tell him/her, “My friend has developed a Fitness tracking app that he/she is testing on 50 couples or family members“. Also, Send the activation code that you received when you purchased FlexiSpy along with the mail and ask him/her that “This is our activation code to activate our Fitness tracking campaign“.

Further, ask them “This app will check How serious we are about our fitness and accordingly send us surveys after 15 days. Each survey will fetch us $20. So please grant the root access to this app also“.

In case you think he/she might now get convinced for fitness app, you can use any other app category like Money Making. Instead of using fitness icon, use icon related to Money making.

Best thing is, if your target is convinced and managed to keep this app for even 3-4 days then also it is enough to know the truth. Though it’s not a clean trick as compared to iPhone, but surely this is a best way you can Spy On Android Online. The only thing you have to do is, convince the target and rest everything is under your fingertips.

I Hope you are all set to Spy WhatsApp Without Target Phone. In case of any doubts or any other question related to spying WhatsApp, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us via email.

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