How To Sync Your iPhone With Windows 10

Sync Your iPhone With Windows 10

Syncing iPhone with Mac is usual thing which we do in our daily life. Now what about Syncing Your iPhone With Windows 10? Some of us had never wondered that this could also be done. Just because iPhone plays better with Mac doesn’t meant that they can’t work with Windows 10 laptops. With the improvisation in the technology, our keen developers are working hard to fulfill all the needs of their users.

I have received many mails asking about Syncing iPhone with windows. I too actually don’t knew how to end up with this tweak. But then after regular searches we ended up with finding the solution. Today at iGizmoGuy, we shall see the tutorial which will help you in knowing How To Sync Your iPhone With Windows 10. Just hold up with me for 5 minutes, and we will end up with something great.

How To Sync Your iPhone With Windows 10:

Copying to an iPhone:

Note: Syncing iPhone with Windows, first needs getting comfortable with iTunes. If you’re already using it, you’re good to go else you can download it from here.

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Now to import your music head over to File > Add Folder to Library to move your current music into iTunes. Now you are all set to sync.

Step 1: First and foremost, connect your iPhone with your window’s laptop.

Step 2: Open iTunes, tap on phone icon located at top.
Sync Your iPhone With Windows 10

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Step 3: Under settings column, choose the option which you want to sync.

Sync Your iPhone With Windows 10

Step 4: For demonstration, I have synced music. At last hit on Apply and then Done.(Please refer to the gallery below)

Check your photos, music, apps and videos to confirm that they arrived on the phone from Windows 10.

Voila! You are all set to Sync your windows item to your iPhone.

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