How To Track Someone’s iMessages Without Jailbreaking The iPhone

How To Track Someone's iMessages Without Jailbreaking The iPhone

There might be number of Instant messaging apps on your child’s phone, but if he’s having an iPhone, probably iMessage would be his favourite. Why it shouldn’t be? After all, iMessage is one of the most secured messaging client with end to end encryption, multimedia file sharing support, intuitive interface and most importantly, it carries the aura among fellow iMessage users. Is your child too much addicted to Apple’s own messaging platform? Are you concerned about his online activity and with whom he chats all the time on iMessage? If this is the case, then you have all the rights to know the truth and learn how to Track Someone’s iMessages Without Jailbreaking the iPhone and that too without physical access.

For those who are here to track partner’s iMessages and their iPhone without physical access, make sure you take proper consent from your other half as it is illegal to Spy on Someone’s iMessages without their permission. Though you have all the rights to know the truth in your failing relationship, but proceed with caution. This method works in stealth mode and your partner will not get to know you are spying on them.

How iMessage Spy works and is it as easy as it sounds? There are number of iPhone Monitoring solution companies for Parents and Employers, helping them with their iMessage tracker/iMessage Monitoring apps to Track iMessages without Jailbreak. If you think you are not technical enough to Spy on Someone’s iMessage remotely, just sit back and relax, as a 7 year old with basic internet knowledge can also set up this advanced iMessage Spy tool within 5 minutes. So let’s begin with How To Spy On iPhone iMessages Without Physical access :

Pre-requisite Before You Track Someone’s iMessages :

  1. Get a good iMessage spy app like mSpy For Smartphone  or SpyStealth. I myself is a real user of iPhone monitoring app and believe me, both of these are one of the best out there.

 Get mSpy For Smartphones     Get SpyStealth

2. In order to track iMessage without Jailbreak and physical access, make sure you have iCloud credentials of target iPhone i.e his/her iCloud username and password.

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How To Track iMessages Remotely Without Physical Access :

Note : For demonstration purpose I am using SpyStealth, you can use any of the above mentioned iMessage tracker.

Step 1 : I hope you have already subscribed to the licensed version of mSpy for Smartphone or SpyStealth to track iMessages Remotely. If so, follow the mail received just after subscription is done. It contains all your iMessage Spy app’s cPanel login credentials and information. cPanel is also the place where you’ll see all the iMessage chats of target user.

Step 2 : Login to your SpyStealth cPanel and initiate the iMessage tracker set up procedure. To do so, once login is complete, enter the name of target’s iPhone (This is used to distinguish if you are tracking more than 1 person, name it anything you like. For more refer to the gallery below).

Step 3 : We are here to Track Someone’s iMessages Without Jailbreak, so in the given windows select iPhone/iPad (non Jailbreak) and tap on Proceed.

How To Track Someone's iMessages Without Jailbreaking The iPhone

Step 4 : Ready with iCloud credentials of target iPhone? If yes, enter the iCloud credentials, tap on Verify and then Proceed.

How To Track Someone's iMessages Without Jailbreaking The iPhone

Step 5 : Now you’ll see the device name of target iPhone associated with the entered iCloud credential. Select it and tap on Proceed.

How To Track Someone's iMessages Without Jailbreaking The iPhone

Step 6 : Give me a hi5! Your part is almost done, now just wait for few hours and let SpyStealth fetch all the iMessage chats from target iPhone to your cPanel.

Once SpyStealth is done fetching all the data, you’ll be able to track iMessages without access to target phone. Icing on the cake is, you are also allowed to track all the deleted iMessages from now on. Isn’t it just great?

Step 7 : Let’s track iMessages now. From the cPanel sidebar, select Messages and here you’ll see all the iMessages of target iPhone. That’s it!

How To Track Someone's iMessages Without Jailbreaking The iPhone

Teen parenting is not an easy job and definitely comes with great responsibilities. Are you up for all the challenges? If yes, then iMessage Monitoring software could be your best companion all along the way. I hope this article helped you in one or the other way.

Some Facts About iMessage Spy Software :

Ques 1 : I am a working mother. I understand above mentioned iMessage tracker can easily spy on my teen’s iMessages but will he get to know I am tracking her/him?

Ans : Absolutely No. Both the above mentioned iMessage Monitoring app works in stealth mode and target will never get to know that he/she is being spied upon.

Ques 2 : Can I Spy on Someone’s iMessages who happens to be my Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Ans : Absolutely Yes. But in some countries spying on someone not under your Guardianship can lead you to troubles. Do it at your own risk. Anyways everything work in stealth mode, target will not get to know he/she is being spied upon.

Ques 3 : How about my Employees? Can I use iMessage Tracker to Track Someone’s iMessages?

Ans : In case you have provided company phones to your Employees or there’s a clause in their contract about their phone monitoring, you can without any hesitation spy on iMessages.

Ques 4 : Is it true neither Jailbreak nor any physical access is required to Spy on iMessages?

Ans : Yes, thats the best thing about above mentioned iMessage Monitoring app. Neither Jailbreak nor Physical access is required.

Ques 5 : Okay I am ready, where can I download SpyStealth or mSpy?

Get mSpy For Smartphones    Get SpyStealth

In case of any queries or issues, follow our comment section provided below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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