How To Turn Off Comments On Instagram

Turn Off Comments On Instagram

These days Instagram has become the most widely used photo sharing application. You can easily upload your rapid flow of pictures and can also share them on other social networking sites like Facebook, tumbler, flickr, Twitter through it only. With recent updates it has improvised its functionality to such an extent that even an amateurs can drag this application in the way they want.

Since Instagram is primarily a visual community, rather than a messaging platform, discussions typically happen in post comments. While many of these comments are wonderful and supportive and sometimes it is even more than worst. In order to blot out these negative comments users had to toggle on the “hide inappropriate comments” option, which would block comments with offensive keywords or phrases.

But then now with the recent update users got the chance to simply turn on or off the commenting feature at any time. Today at iGizmoGuy, we shall see how to turn off Turn Off Comments On Instagram.

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How To Turn Off Comments On Instagram :

1. Turn Off Commenting For A New Post :

Step 1 : First and foremost Instagram application running on your device must be of latest version.

Step 2 : After updating Instagram, launch the application.

Step 3 : Choose the photo which you want to upload and after editing tap on Advanced Settings.

Turn Off Comments On Instagram


Step 4 : On the succeeding screen make sure to “enable” Turn Off Commenting.

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Voila! You have successfully turned off commenting on Instagram.

2. Turn Off Commenting For An Existing Post :

Step 1 : Tap on 3 vertical dots located on right most side.

Turn Off Comments On Instagram

Step 2  : A pop-up will appear, hit on Turn Off Commenting.

Turn Off Comments On Instagram

Now you have successfully Turned off commenting on an existing post.

Note : Commenting can be turned on at any time in both the scenarios.

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