Top 5 iMessage Monitoring Software Reviewed

Top 5 iMessage Monitoring Software Reviewed

iMessage is one of the widely used Instant messaging client on Apple devices. Though it is really convenient to have blazing fast messaging client on iPhone but the real fact is, it is majorly exploited by teens, family members and sometimes your employees too. Do you mind monitoring your loved ones for good? You might feel awkward to monitor your near and dears but if I say monitoring your family members and employees can really help strengthening your souring relations? Just to change your perspective about monitoring for good and make you feel more comfortable towards monitoring softwares, I am here with Top 5 iMessage Monitoring Software which will help you to improve your personal and professional life.

Common Facts About Top 5 iMessage Monitoring Software :

  1. Stealth Mode Working : All the iMessage tracker which I’ll be discussing in this article works secretly. By no means target user could get know he or she has ever been monitored. That means you have complete freedom when and where you want to see someone’s iMessages unlike checking someone’s iMessage physically.

2. No Physical access to iPhone is required : If you have target user’s iCloud credentials i.e Apple ID and password, you don’t even need to touch someone’s iPhone to read their iMessages. All of these top 5 iMessage Monitoring app extracts the iCloud backup allowing you to read someone’s iMessages secretly.


Top 5 iMessage Monitoring App Reviewed :

#1. SpyStealth (Most intuitive Family and Employee iMessage Monitoring app):

Top 5 iMessage Monitoring Software Reviewed

I have been rigorously testing iMessage Spy Softwares for last 3 years and believe me, SpyStealth is one of the most intuitive, fast and advance Monitoring app ideal for working parents and Corporate professionals. Featured on many online Journals, SpyStealth claims itself to be the best Parental control app out there and I trust them too.

Basically all the iMessage spy apps works on same principle – extract the iCloud backup and mirror it on their online cPanel for licensed users. But what makes one Monitoring app different from other is latency in extracting the backup for users. I tried and tested SpyStealth with other iMessage monitoring app and found it blazing fast as compared to others.

How about other monitoring features? I mean, is it enough for you to track only iMessages of target user? I guess no, you are paying for a premium software so why not have good set of features at your disposal. What sets SpyStealth apart is, it is the only iMessage monitoring app which can also spy on Photos and Videos stored on target iPhone. Ideal for working parents worrying about over exposure of their teens to explicit contents.

Apart from that, like any other iMessage monitoring software, it can also track call logs, contacts, WhatsApp messages, Notes, iCloud Mail, connected WiFi networks, recently visited locations and browser history.

What we liked in SpyStealth iMessage Spy Software :

  1. Exclusive features not available on any other iMessage tracker as of now.
  2. At par 24×7 technical support via Telephone, Live chat and Email.
  3. Despite of best among all, it is also cheapest in terms of cost among all.
  4. Intuitive Live cPanel to track iMessages.
  5. Comes with 7 days money back guarantee, no questions asked.

What we disliked in SpyStealth iMessage Software :

  1. There’s actually nothing we disliked about SpyStealth, try this amazing iMessage tracker and know yourself.

Overall Rating : 5/5

Visit SpyStealth’s Official Website :

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#2. mSpy (Industry leader since Monitoring app inception) :

Top 5 iMessage Monitoring Software Reviewed

mSpy is an ace brand in Monitoring app industry. It’s popularity can be determined from the fact that it’s competitors have set mSpy as their benchmark to match the performance level. With more than 1 million+ users, mSpy is a highly trusted brand among Working parents and Corporate professionals. It’s not just their name that speaks, I frequently use mSpy and have thoroughly tested it, everytime it looks unbelievable how easily mSpy has maintained its performance over the years.

Just like any other iMessage Monitoring Software, mSpy too extracts the backup same way but what sets it apart is it’s best in class technical support which helps even a layman to use this amazing monitoring app.  If you want to see someone’s iMessages and not sure whether you can do it or not, just switch to mSpy technical support and your half work is done.

Apart from that, like any other iMessage monitoring, it can also track call logs, contacts, WhatsApp messages, Notes, iCloud Mail, connected WiFi networks, recently visited locations and browser history.

What we liked in mSpy iMessage tracker:

  1. Best in class technical support via Telephone, live chat and Email.
  2. Blazing fast iCloud extractor so that you can instantly read someone’s iMessage without letting them know.
  3. 10 days refund policy, no question asked if you didn’t like the features.

What we disliked in mSpy iMessage Monitoring Software :

  1. You can’t track Photos and videos stored on iPhone without Jailbreaking it.
  2. Bit expensive and less features as compared to SpyStealth.

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

Visit mSpy Official Website :

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#3. Spymaster Pro (iMessage Monitoring app exclusively for Non-Jailbroken iPhone) :

Top 5 iMessage Monitoring Software Reviewed

Spymaster Pro is an adequate software for monitoring iMessages. Compatible with latest iOs versions, team behind Spymaster Pro has designed iPhone monitoring app exclusively for tracking iMessages.

As a complementary gift for it’s loyal users, Spymaster has also included some basic features like WhatsApp spy without target phone and Skype tracking which could be tempting for Corporate professionals who are willing to track their employees Skype data.

What we liked in Spymaster Pro :

  1. Easy to use interface.
  2. iMessage data extraction speed at par with other iMessage Monitoring Softwares.
  3. Extremely cheap as compared to it’s rivals.

What we disliked in Spymaster Pro iMessage tracker :

  1. Less number of features in case you are looking for a professional iPhone monitoring app.
  2. Technical support is not as good as compared to other iPhone tracker.

Overall Rating : 3/5

Visit Spymaster Pro Official Website :

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#4. FlexiSpy (Best iMessage monitoring app if you have access to target phone) :


FlexiSpy is an executive level premium iMessage tracker with tons of feature not present in any of the iPhone monitoring app yet. It has unique spying aspects that are still under wishlist of it’s competitor and I doubt if they can ever make it to this level. You might be thinking why I mentioned FlexiSpy at 4th position! It should be at 1st place, Right? Let me tell you, in case you have access to target iPhone and it’s Jailbroken, then FlexiSpy is surely a multi bagger package for you. But most of us don’t dare to Jailbreak our iPhones and that defies the purpose of ease with this iMessage tracker.

Unlike other iMessage Monitoring apps, apart from tracking call logs, contacts, WhatsApp messages, Notes, iCloud Mail, connected WiFi networks, recently visited locations and browser history, FlexiSpy can also intercept target’s live phone calls, record call conversations, almost all messenger tracking and tens of other features. If you think target device is Jailbroken and you can have access to it, don’t think twice and grab this iPhone monitoring software asap.

What we liked in FlexiSpy iMessage Monitoring Software:

  1. Tons of unique features, literally it’s a swiss knife if you want complete monitoring solution for your family and employees.
  2. At par 24×7 technical support via Telephone, live chat and Email.
  3. Most professional outlook towards customer support, you’ll not feel abandoned for a single second during your tenure with FlexiSpy.

What we disliked in FlexiSpy iMessage Tracker :

  1. Most of us wants to see someone’s iMessages without having access to target phone and Jailbreak thing, FlexiSpy fails at this stage.
  2. Too costly in case you are in need of just few monitoring features, not all.

Overall Rating : 4/5

Visit FlexiSpy Official Website :

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#5. SpyFlip (Perfect for iPhone snapping and it’s native apps monitoring) :

Top 5 iMessage Monitoring Software Reviewed

Just like SpyStealth and mSpy, SpyFlip too has number of monitoring features. This iMessage monitoring software markets itself as most user friendly solution to track iMessages in real time. Want to view someone’s iMessage in stealth mode on the go, switch to SpyFlip and you’ll not be disappointed.

Equipped with features like call logs, contacts, WhatsApp messages, Notes, iCloud Mail, connected WiFi networks, recently visited locations, browser history and ofcourse iMessage tracking, SpyFlip turns out to be a great deal at low prices.

What we liked in SpyFlip iMessage Monitoring Software :

  1. Neat and user friendly cPanel to check iMessage logs of target.
  2. At par 24×7 technical support via Telephone, live chat and Email.
  3. Good number of features for all your iPhone monitoring needs.
  4. Affordable.

What we disliked in SpyFlip iMessage Monitoring app :

  1. There is little delay in extracting all the iMessages from target phone as compared to other iMessage tracking software.

Overall Rating : 4/5

Visit FlexiSpy Official Website :

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I have couple of questions regarding these Top 5 iMessage Tracker, should I ask?

Ques 1 : Target iPhone user has iCloud backup turned off, can I still monitor his/her iMessages without access to his phone?

Ans : No. In case iCloud backup is turned off, you need physical access to target device to turn on the iCloud backup or alternatively you can convince the target to turn on the backup.

Ques 2 : What if target is my girlfriend or boyfriend. Is it to legal to track girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s iMessages?

Ans : In some countries it is illegal to track someone’s iMessages without their consent. Please check with your local law before proceeding.

In case of any doubts or any other question related to spying WhatsApp, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us via email.

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